Monday, December 6, 2021

Challenging Times


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The country was poising to listen what the President had to say during his state of the Nation address after getting pledges of support from the donor partners amounting to  1.45 Billon Euros.

Institutions like the Truth Reparation And Reconciliation Commission and The Constitutional Review Commission were expected to have the necessary funding to commence work. Now the Nation is mourning. What was expected never to happen again after the shooting of Haruna Jatta has happened again.

Within a period of less than two years three young men have died through the use of fire arms by the security forces. Many people have suffered injuries.

From Gunjur to Faraba people are expressing worries that they are not being adequately listened to. The Government needs to take stock and provide remedies to the concerns of the population whenever and where ever it is expressed.

There is a notion that if Government is sensitive to the popular will it would be deemed to be a weak one. A strong government is one capable of identifying and addressing its shortcomings.

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