Catalan group of Sabadell for The Gambia offers medicament to Fatoto health centre


By Lamin Fatty

Fatoto health centre on Tuesday 18 February 2020 received medicament provided by Catalan Group of Sabadell for The Gambia.

This is a group of people from the city of Sabadell Catalonia in Spain. The group was led by Ramon Francasa Gabana with their Gambian friend Becenti Silva who accompanied them to Fatoto.

Speaking to this reporter after the presentation of the medical items, Ramon said this group is not a registered organisation but a group of individuals who are ready to help people living in provincial Gambia.

“This group is not a registered organisation instead we are group of individuals from the city of Sabadell and we commit ourselves to giving assistance to the people of The Gambia living at the far end in the provinces. With the help of our Gambian friend (Becenti Silva) we were able to choose Fatoto Health Centre at the far end in the provinces which are in need of good health care delivery service”, Mr. Gabana remarked.

Mr. Gabana revealed that, they have been donating to this particular health centre for five years now. He said just last month a ballot of bedsheets and other logistics were offered to the same health centre by them.

He made mention of the various types of drugs in packages including the drugs for the treatment of malaria, antibiotics, different types of medicine for wounds etc.

Mr. Gabana indicates that they are also planning to support a school in Fatoto.

During the presentation Mr Gabana appealed to representatives of customs and immigration as they face a lot of challenges when bringing in gifts.

“I am appealing to the Gambian security officers especially custom and immigration to consider and recognise us at entrance of the Gambia because we encounter a lot of constraints from Gambian custom and immigration at the border and that is why we can’t bring all what we intend to donate”, he complained. He was assured of safe entry next time by Dembo Sanneh officer commanding Fatoto paramilitary camp on behalf of the security.

“We are going to communicate to all borders you and your use to enter, that is, Nyamanar and Farafenni and we are going to give you our contacts so that wherever you encounter a problem at our border you can easily contact us”, Officer Sanneh assured
Momodou S Jallow for the officer in charge Fatoto health centre commended Ramon and the group their benevolent gesture and assured that would take a long way towards the good health care services delivery for the people of Fatoto and its catchment area.