By Sulayman Bah Prominent Gambian wrestling captain Leket Bu Barra was left Leket Bu Barraalmost gasping but eventually came out his unbeaten record unblemished against an enterprising Kojaro in a thrilling combat over the weekend. It was the first time the two are meeting in the regional wrestling competition –an event that pits wrestlers from every nook of the country organised once every year. Both wrestlers on account of status have been unable to meet in the orthodox wrestling season with an on-form Leket -considered one of the finest- little ahead of Kojaro in the rankings. But given the regional pits from the top wrestling gems to the very rank and file of the traditional art and on account both Leket and Kojaro fared reasonably well for their regions, meant the pair’s meeting is inevitable in the 80 plus kilos. Representing North Bank Region against Kanifing Municipality’s Kojara,Leket was not to wriggle out of the battle unruffled. Leket however managed to breakdown Kojaro’s resistance holding him from behind and from retreating out of the sacks and off to the ground in a bout that never lacked adrenaline. The ‘mbapat’ tournament was discontinued just near the finals after news emerged that some APRC green Youth passed away.  ]]>