Capt: ‘We Need Focus to Maintain our Winning Form’


By Kebba AF Touray

Sutukoba FC’s captain Mawdo Jatta has urged his teammates to fix their gaze on the prize on the back of a latest win.

Victory over Kolli Kunda had them headlining their group in the ongoing Wuli tourney.
‘I am confident that my team has the capability to win the staked accolade. We need to focus and give our best to all our games and win them,’ he said, before adding, ‘we will come with strength and tactics to win our coming games and I’m strongly confident that we will win all our matches including the finals.’

He highlighted scoring as a major hurdle and disclosed that they will improve on it during trainings.

‘I want to thank my entire team and the fans. I assure our fans that we will not let them down,’ he said.