Capt. Bubacarr Bah Arrested By Republican Guards


By Mustapha Jallow

Captain Bubacarr Bah, alias ‘Vandam’, who is the second in command at the Republican Guard Battalion and an explosive expert, was arrested at the Fajara Barracks by personnel of the Guards battalion at state house and taken away to an unknown destination on Sunday, 15 January, 2017 around 9 pm, a family source revealed.

Ousman Bah, an elder brother to the arrested captain, who walked into the Foroyaa office yesterday, 17 January, explained that it all started when he (Capt. Bah) left home for work on a standby at the Fajara Barracks where a group of soldiers came to pick him up.

“We contacted his phone numbers but they were all unreachable. When we visited the Barracks we were told by a soldier on guard that it was very likely that the captain was detained at National Intelligence Agency (NIA) headquarters in Banjul. We went to search for him together with his wife at the NIA in Banjul but were asked to return around 4pm and when we returned we were told by the agents that he was not there,” said the elder brother.

He said the family is not aware of any reason why Capt. Bah was arrested and detained, adding that they are calling on the authorities to facilitate his immediate release.

The military captain’s elder brother disclosed that when they returned to the NIA yesterday afternoon to further search for his younger brother, they were told by the agents not to go there again and that the family would be called if they are done.

Capt. Bah, a resident of Nema-Su, is also said to be a former military instructor, according to the brother.