Caliph General narrates his ordeal


By Kebba Jeffang Sheikh Muhideen Hydara, The caliph general of Darsilami Sangajor, narrated hisSheikh Muhideen Hydara ordeal at the time of his arrest of detention while testifying before the Brikama Magistrates’ Court on the 29th July, 2014. He explained how he was arrested and detained. When the case was called Police prosecutor Sub-Inspector Ebrima Sarr appeared for the state while Lawyers Antouman Gaye and Lamin K. Mboge represented the accused persons, Magistrate Omar Cham presiding. In continuing his evidence-in-chief, Caliph General said, “I was arrested by the police immediately after performing the feast prayer and I was taken to Bwiam Police Station and later we proceeded to Sibanor where I spent two nights at the station before they took me to Yundum and Banjul. But the reason behind my arrest was not made known to me at any of the said stations. I was also taken to the Supreme Islamic Council where I met Imam Abdoulie Fatty. He told me that he was the one who arrested me and not the president because I failed to pray on the day as announced on the radio.” Sheiklh Hydara further told the court that it is not exactly stated in the holy Quran that people should observe Koriteh prayer on a particular day simply because the world is wide and has different geographical backgrounds. “Is there anything in the Islamic religion which says you should pray Koriteh on a particular day,” Lawyer Mboge inquired. Caliph Hydara responded: “No it is not stated in the Quran but the Quran contains everything, whether you know it or not; because the world is too wide and has different geographical backgrounds only the learned know about that.” He added that there is no different order from the commandment of Allah in the Quran and Sunnah regarding the performance of Koriteh prayer. Earlier on defence counsel Mboge sought the consent of the court to file witness summonses for certain documents to be produced for the purpose of their defence which included the written and recorded announcement on the radio regarding the performance of the last Koriteh Prayer. Lawyer Mboge indicated the need to summon the witnesses they intended to call to enable the accused persons to prove their innocence. The matter was adjourned till today, Wednesday, 1st April, 2015 for continuation of defence.  ]]>