Businessman Saho Jobe Incarcerated and Later Released from Mile Two Prison


A Magistrate Court in Banjul has on 8th day of March 2024 ordered the release of the Chief Businessman Saho Jobe, who was sent to jail by Magistrate Krubally after he was found to have committed contempt of Court .

Saho Jobe, who was released by authorities after he spent days at Mile Two Prison, was Thursday, 7th day of March 2024, sent to Mile 2 Prison by a lower court in Banjul after he committed contempt by not allowing officers’ of the Sherrif Division from discharging their duties in respect of a judgment delivered on the 6th day of September 2023 and the writ of fieri facias issued on 21st day of November 2023.

Magistrate Krubally said after the Court “committed the said judgment debtor Saho herein Saho Jobe to one Month in Prison, prompted his counsel herein Counsel M.F Mbai to file before this Court a motion dated eight of March 2024 and sought an order from this Court to release the said judgment debtor herein Saho Jobe from Mile 2 Prison.”

According to His Worship, the said motion is supported by 14 paragraphs affidavit which is not opposed by Counsel for the judgment creditor, Abdoulie Sissohor, who said the parties in the case have met and agreed on terms.

Magistrate Krubally said, “Since this is the status quo in particular whereas counsel representing the judgment creditor did not oppose such application, I hereby grant the application of the judgment debtor’s counsel and accordingly discharge my order dated the 7th day of March 2024 and order the release of the judgment debtor herein Saho Jobe from Mile Two Prison forthwith. The authorities therein are hereby ordered to release him.”

Counsel Abdoulie Sissohor had sought an order from the Court directing or compelling the judgment debtor to hand over and or deliver, and grant possession of a range rover vehicle he was driving after he assaulted a baliff and refused to allow court officers from discharging their duties in accordance with directive from the Court. Sissohor’s application was subsequently granted by the Court.

The Court has also ordered Saho to compensate baliff Alieu Ceesay the sum of five thousand dalasi for assaulting him.

A writ of Fifa issued by the Court in the case of Ahmedou Ahmed and Saho Jobe reads, “You are hereby commanded in the name of the Republic, that of the movable property of facias directed to the Sherrif of the High Court of The Gambia against Saho Jobe of Kairaba Avenue in the Kombo St Mary’s Division, The  Gambia within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court if the same be sufficient, and if not then of the movable and immovable property of the said Saho Jobe, you cause to be made the sum of GMD921,000, damages of the sum of GMD25,000, interest at the rate of 25% per annum from the date of 10th day of April 2021 to November 2022 and thereafter, 4% thereof on the amount adjudged, cost and legal fees of D75,000, by a decree in this suit dated the 6th September 2023 adjudged to be paid by the said…to Ahmedou Ahmed and cost of execution.”

A source at the judiciary has informed Foroyaa that Jobe has been discharged by authorities after his family members paid an amount of money at the Court in Banjul.