Business Person Hit By Bullet In CRR Attack Discharged From Hospital 


By Mustapha Jallow

Mustapha Faal, a 56-year-old Gambian-Mauritania who was recently hit by a bullet during an attack by armed robbers at Sami Tenda village in Central River Region (CRR), has been discharged from Ndemban clinic on Friday, July 1, 2022, at 6pm. 

“I’m back home now. Thank God I am alive and doctors took good care of me. They discharged me on Friday at 6pm. I’m healing too,” the businessman told Foroyaa. 

According to him, the doctors decided not to do the operation on him because it was a bullet scratch around his ear and head. But he added all the necessary medicines that would quickly heal him were provided to him by the doctors. 

Faal said while he was admitted at the clinic police detectives visited him. He said the officers informed him (Faal) that they are acting under instructions of their seniors from Bansang Police station. 

“CID officers obtained information about the attack, they were also facilitating to ensure that doctors provided me with all the medicines I needed,” he explained. 

Faal said the attack is now the talk of town in his settlement, saying some felt that they could be next. However, he said paramilitary officers are also on high alert and they are patrolling the areas at night. 

“Officers are still patrolling our areas and other neighbouring communities. But in the morning, they will return to Laminkoto,” he said. 

Therefore, Faal called on the authorities again to help establish military or paramilitary camps in their communities, particularly in villages that are suffering from armed attacks. 

“No one is safe. These gangs can attack us anytime. Our wives and children are at risk. So, we want security camps within our regions. Let the authorities equip and arm up their officers to combat these ongoing terror on Gambian citizens,” he called.

It was around 1 am on Tuesday night 28th June, when Faal was relaxing, only to be told by his wife that armed men were in the house. He said the men were four in number in front of his house.

But the businessman felt that he was the target and he picked up his double barrel gun and put his life on the line to fight off and repel a determined attack by an armed group with his wife joining in, as she served him bullets he placed on the ground. 

He said somerobbers were at the entrance door and others went through the backyard of the house. He revealed that he was exchanging fire with the gang from 1 am to 3 am. 

After an unsuccessful attempt, Faal said the gang left his place and went and attacked another shop, also owned by a Mauritanian, where they made off with some cash. The armed men came from the direction of Senegal with a white pickup vehicle and launched an attack on Faal, while he was relaxing at his house.

Meanwhile, The Gambia Police (GPF) are yet to issue a statement on the alleged incident but its spokesperson, Spt. Lamin Njie, said he was on leave and promised to find out from their regional command when he resumed Monday because he felt this was a serious issue.