Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Bush Fires Devour Groundnut Farm


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By: Kebba AF Touray

Wednesday’s bush fires in Wuli West District, has shattered and dashed the high bumper harvest hopes of the Fofanna Kunday Family of Wuli Sutukoba, into oblivion.

The fire which has not only caused damage to the forest cover, also consumed an 11-hectare groundnut farm of the said family.

Speaking to this medium, Banding Fofanna, the breadwinner of the family, narrated that the incident occurred on Wednesday November 14th 2018, at 15: 00 pm.

Burnt Groundnut Field

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“I saw huge flames coming in the direction of our farms and my wives and I rushed to find out where the inferno was coming from. Upon our arrival, we found that the fire has consumed our entire farm that contained the already harvested groundnut, turning it into ashes,” he said. “We did our best to put out the fire in order to avert the catastrophic scenario, but our efforts proved futile due to intensity of the flames and heat. One of my wives nearly fainted, because of the heat. I poured water on her and the others too, for their safety,” he narrated.

Fofanna continued: “When all our endeavors in trying to put off the inferno failed, I advised my wives and the people to leave the fire burn the farm, because the flames were completely fueled out of control by strong winds that was blowing at the time. I told them that if it leaves anything unburnt, that shall be our destiny and faith.”

Fofana informed this medium that they cultivated only groundnuts this year, to be able to fend for the family in all spheres (feeding, clothing, health and School fees for the children, etc.); that they expected to achieve a bumper harvest of minimum 40 bags of groundnuts; but that all their hopes have been shattered due to the terrible inferno.

Fofanna is soliciting support from all and sundry, to come to his aid and assist in averting his family’s future fears and difficulties. He said he has absolutely nothing to rely on to cater for his family.

For assistance to Banding Fofanna from any good Samaritan, he can be reached on the following telephone numbers: (00220) 2509423, 9345887, or through Ba Arfang Jabbie on 6554583 or Babuyending Jabbie on 6919385, or Foroyaa.

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