Bundung Maternal Hospital’s Income Increased by D8 Million in 2018 Fiscal Year


By: Kebba AF Touray

The income of the Bundung Maternal and Child Health Hospital (BMCHH) has increased by eight million Dalasi (D8 Million) from 2017 to 2018 fiscal year period.

The management of the hospital made this disclosure during their appearance before the FPAC on Monday 16th October, for the presentation of their activity reports and financial statements for 2015 to 2018 respectively. 

As reported by the Finance Officer of the hospital, the hospital in the 2017 fiscal year registered a total income of twenty-two million and nine thousand one hundred and twenty-three Dalasi and fifty-eight Bututs (D22,09,123.58).

He added that the hospital in 2018 scored a total income of thirty million, five hundred and six thousand ninety-nine Dalasi and seventy-five Bututs (D30,506,99.75).

This income covering 2017 and 2018, when calculated, will represent an increment in the incomes of over eight million, which, as reported by the Finance Officer of the health facility, has been generated by the hospital during the period under review.

In 2017, the Finance Officer reported, the hospital registered a total income of twenty-two million and nine thousand one hundred and twenty-three Dalasi and Fifty-Eight Bututs (D22,09,123.58), adding, “Total payment of the hospital stood at Twenty-Three Million Four Hundred and Seventy Thousand Eight hundred and Nine Dalasi and Twenty-Two Bututs (D23,470,809.22).”

This, he said, led to a deficit of one million four hundred and sixty-one thousand six hundred and eighty-five Dalasi and sixty-four bututs.

For the 2018 fiscal year, he reported to the FPAC that the hospital has a total receipt of Thirty Million Five Hundred and Six Thousand Ninety-Nine Dalasi and Seventy-Five Bututs (D30,506,99.75), and that total expenditure or payments stood at Twenty-Eight Million Eight Hundred and Five Thousand Five Hundred and Ninety-One Dalasi and Eighty-Seven Bututs (D28,805,591.87).

He said: “Surplus from the previous period stood at One Million Seven Hundred Thousand Five Hundred and Seven Dalasi and Eighty-Eight Bututs (D1,700,507.88).”

According to the Finance Officer of Bundung Maternal and Child Health Hospital, in 2016, the hospital had a total income of Two Million Five Hundred and Fourteen Thousand One Hundred and Six Dalasi and Thirty-Six Bututs (D2,514,106.36) and a total subvention receipt of Twenty-One Million and Sixteen Thousand Seventy-One Dalasi and Thirty-Six Bututs (D21,16,71.36) which was the total available fund in 2016.

He said total payments made during the period amounted to Eighteen Million Eight Hundred and Seventy-Two Thousand Seven Hundred and Twenty-three Dalasi and Sixty-Four Bututs (D18,872,723.64), whilst the total surplus of the hospital as of 31st December 2016 stood at Two Million One Hundred and Forty-Three Thousand Three Hundred and Forty-Seven Dalasi and Seventy-Two Bututs (D2,143,347.72). 

Dr Mamat Cham, the CEO of the Hospital, said during the period under review, the hospital registered success such as male introduction of the male clinic for participation in reproductive health for improved health outcomes, saying, “Having a Gambian man present during the delivery of his wife is ever thought of before but this has happened in Bundung Hospital and continues to happen.”

He added that the most common conditions for maternity admission during the period include but not limited to post-partum anemia, hemorrhage, pregnancy-induced hypertension, and abortion, whilst for neonatal against tuberculosis in 2015 was 93 percent declining to 90 percent in 2016.

He said that the maternal mortality ratio has been maintained to the minimum with one in 2015 and 1 in 2016, whilst still birth rate has also been maintained at a minimum of less than 2 percent.

“Intermittent stock out of essential medicine, laboratory reagents and consumable was not uncommon during the year under review,” he lamented while highlighting the challenges of the hospital.

The interface was simultaneously done with the presentation of queries by the National Audit Office, on the reports of the hospital, which include that the hospital did not present its financial statements in accordance with International Sector Accounting Standards.

The NAO also raised the issue of non-maintenance of revenue collectors, improper maintenance of cash books, and misclassification of donations among other audit queries.

According to the GPPA, the Hospital was found to be fifty percent compliant for 2017-2021 which denotes fairly compliance with the GPPA Amendment Act 2018 and Regulations.

The interface with FPAC continued on Tuesday 17th October, 2023 for consideration of the presented reports of the hospital, during which most of the audit queries were reported to have been regularized whilst some will be verified during subsequent audit exercises.

The FPAC subsequently considered and adopted the 2016 to 2018 financial reports of the hospital, as well as the activity report and compliance report for 2017-2021 respectively.