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Brusubi Turn Table Vendors, Drivers Ordered to Relocate


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By Mamour M Mbenga
On Monday, 11 January, 2016, the Brikama Area Council (BAC) and Government security agents visited the Brusubi round about to ensure commercial vehicle drivers and vendors are relocated from the area.

The vendors are ordered to resettle at Phase two of the Brusubi new market while the taxis
are moved to a location on the highway not far from the turn
Some vendors complained that their relocation to another venue
is unfavourable to their businesses as the new market is still under
This Foroyaa reporter visited the scene and spoke to the concerned
individuals on the new transfers.
The “Chef de Garage” of Brusubi Turn Table Garage, Mam Biran Touray
raised some concerns on behalf of the drivers.
‘’We were asked to move from the turn table to a new settlement some
days ago by officials of the Gambia Government. The place that they
provided for us is not favourable due to the fact that it is a sandy
area. As a result of that two of our vehicles have broken down,” Touray lamented.
Touray further explained that they were not given any reason on why
they should move from the turn table. He called on the government to
support them with a better garage which will not affect the highway
since their current location is not favourable to them and their clients due to the distance.
One of the Vendors, who sells second hand clothing and wants to remain
anonymous, said, “I received a telephone call on Monday from a friend
who told me that our stalls are being packed and transferred to the
new market by some Government officials. He told me that the place is
guarded by the securities, which was shocking news. The new place is
not familiar to people and is also under construction’’.
She recalled that on Friday, 8 January, 2016 officials working at the
Brikama Area Council (BAC) came to the turn table and ordered the
vendors including the drivers to move to another location before
Monday, 11 January, 2016 as Sunday, 10 January, 2016 was the dead
‘’I am doing a small business to sustain the basic needs of the family
but this new development is discouraging me. Selling second hand
clothes locally called ‘’Foga Jai’’ is the only business I have been
doing all these years and the business sustains me and my family”, she
The desperate business woman urges the authorities to help them settle
in a comfortable environment.
Another young man also complaining of similar issues said it is
challenging for them to settle in the unfinished market.
The young man, who also sells second hand clothes said some of their
stalls were broke by the authorities who were transferring
their goods to the new location.
‘’Things are not easy in the Gambia nowadays. I am even planning to
repair my table which was broken”, said the young man.
A young lady selling food described this
decision as funny and stressed the need for Government to understand their
According to her, they are doing petty businesses to make life easy
for them but that sometimes they lack support from the people
that should help them. “The place we are now relocated is not conducive for
commercial vehicle drivers, food sellers, credit card and second hand clothes
sellers. Other small businesses are all in the same place which is
not even hygienic for those of us selling food,’’ lamented the food seller.
Foroyaa will get the area council’s point of view on the matter.

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