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By Fatoumatta K. Jallow

Brufut Residents have lamented the prolonged power outages they have been experiencing since on Monday 12th August 2016 to POWER OUTAGESdate.

When this reporter visited the village on Tuesday 16 August 2016, Aminata Manneh a resident of Brufut told her that they don’t normally have electricity from morning till evening and if it comes in the evening the supply does not last for two hours when it will go off again till early in the morning. It will then be on for three hours or less and will then go off again, she added. In short, she indicated that they are supplied with electricity for something like five hours daily.

She said, “We have been living like this for more than a week now and it is really affecting our livelihood. We are calling on NAWEC to come to our aid because a lot of our foods are spoiling in our freezers.”

Babucarr Barry a shopkeeper in Brufut also stated that the lack of electricity in the area is really affecting them because a lot of their chickens, frozen chips and many other food items are getting spoilt which is a loss to them.

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According to Isatou Drammeh, an ice block seller, the prolonged outages are really affecting them, especially their businesses. She said, “I have not been able to make ice blocks for days now because the water just cannot freeze due to prolonged power outages. She added: “I earn my income by selling ice blocks and have nothing if I don’t sell ice blocks. NAWEC should really come to our aid.”

When Mr. Pierre Sylva, the PRO of NAWEC was contacted by phone about the power outages the residents of Brufut are facing, he said if consumers have a complaint they should come to NAWEC rather than the media. According to him NAWEC is a public institution so people should report their complaints there.

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