Friday, December 3, 2021

Brikama Suba Ward Candidates Speak As Lge Climaxes


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By: Kebba Mamburay

As the Local Government Elections reaches climax, candidates continue to canvass for votes in their various Wards by selling their Manifestos to their various electorate and explain their plans for their Wards when elected.

In the Brikama Suba Ward, Mr. Ismaila Jallow who is contesting under UDP ticket explains that one of the things he would do if he is elected into office, is to communicate to the people within the locality to know their problems so that he can be in a better position to resolve them. Jallow promised to rehabilitate roads within his ward to ease transportation. He went on saying that he will provide trucks that will be responsible for collecting waste from compounds within the ward and dispose them off at the recommended dumpsite. He lamented the difficulties faced by market vendors and promised to provide them a cold storage facility where they can keep their produce. Jallow promises to make sure that 60% of people’s tax revenue goes back to them. He concluded by advising his fellow candidates to emulate good leadership.

Mr. Bakary K. Bojang, who is contesting for APRC, said he is expecting a lot of development projects he would like to implement in Suba Ward. Bojang said he is expecting a lot from the people within his ward as he’d seen a lot of confidence in them; that this ensures his winning as the next Councilor. As a candidate, Bojang said the people within his ward expect to bring a lot of development such as the rehabilitation of roads, provision of fertilizer for women gardeners and other basic social amenities they lack.

Mr. Bojang said his development plans will be extended across Brikama and not to center only on Suba Ward in particular. He concluded by telling his people to rally behind him and render him support for their own benefit and betterment.

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