Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Brikama fish market in a sorry state


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By Nelson Manneh

The management of Brikama Fish Market has yesterday called on the government to provide them with a septic tank to facilitate the management of wastewater.

According to them, the fish market has existed for about ten years and the management of the market has been grappling with the problem of waste management.

Abdoulie Touray, the supervisor of the fish market said there is no septic tank in the fish market in Brikama.

“Every week we have to hire a private septic tank to remove the wastewater from the market which is expensive. We spend D3500 for a trip and this is not helping the market,” he said.

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The supervisor of the fish market said they have been engaging Brikama Area Council for the Council to assist them with a septic tank but up till now it did not materialize.

“The funds we generate from the sales of the ice cubes and the monies collected from the daily duties are what we use to run the fish market,” he said.

Mr. Touray said even if the Government cannot subvent the market, they should at least provide them with some materials to ease their functions.

Lamin Jobe a staff of the market said they spend D10,000 every day on cash power and this comes from the revenue they get in the market.

He said the wastewater comes from toilet water which has foul odour. Mr. Jobe said they were invited by the government and they discussed the situation but nothing has been done yet.

“We also engaged the Area Council but they still have not responded to our request. Now we want the central government to come to our assistance,” he said.
Mr. Jobe said their salaries are poor because they spend a lot of revenue in draining the wastewater.

“If I tell you how much we are paid you will not believe it. This is because we spend all the revenue we get here to keep the market fit for its purpose,” he noted.

Mariama Camara a vendor in the market said the management of the market is doing well because the sanitation problem has been improved.

“In those days we sometimes find it difficult to sit in the market for the whole day, but now it has really improved,” she said.

Madam Camara called for government’s interventions. saying the wastewater from the surrounding shops flow into the fish market, and management therefore finds it difficult to take care of it.

“The government should provide at least one septic tank for the market in order to ease the management of wastewater,” she concludes.

Efforts were made to reach the management of the Brikama Area Council (BAC) to shed light on the matter, but officials were in a meeting when this reporter got there. Foroyaa will continue to make a follow up with the BAC in order to hear their side of the story.

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