Brikama Area Council Suspends Staff over Corruption Allegations


By Kemeseng Sanneh (Kexx)

In a bid to tackle corruption within the council, the Brikama Area Council (BAC) said it has suspended some of its staff members alleged of mismanagement of the council’s funds. 

The council made the decision after a majority of council members approved a resolution calling for a comprehensive investigation into the allegations. The individuals affected by the suspension are AlhagieJeng, SulaymanJeng, MalickJeng, Omar Saidykhan, Bai SaitJeng, EbrimaJallow, and Muhammed EbrimaJallow, who have all been accused of engaging in malpractices and mismanagement of Council’s funds. 

The suspension, which is effective immediately, follows the findings of a Committee report dated October 4, 2023. The report states that the individuals mentioned were placed on administrative leave without pay until a thorough and unbiased investigation by the internal audit and establishment committee takes place. The council resolution also mandates the affected staff members to return any council assets in their possession, unless otherwise specified by a council decision.

According to the Council, a report submitted to the establishment committee indicates that EbrimaJallow, who currently serves as acting manager of licensing, is allegedly implicated in printing revenue invoices without the knowledge of the procurement department, thereby violating the protocols and rules of the Council. It also alleges that Ebrima Jallow enlisted his son, The council said the Chairperson’s office has also received information suggesting that EbrimaJallow received unaccounted license fees, further alleging that Ebrima Jallow has admitted to collecting revenue in the field without reporting this to the Council, and his name was omitted from the weekly list of audited collectors. Jallow is also said to have cited Sulayman Jeng, who made minimal payments to the council, as his source of influence.

“The Council has verified that Muhammed Ebrima Jallow’s presence on the payroll is solely due to his father’s action and has promptly recommended his removal,” the Committee’s report indicated.

Additionally, the Council stated that the seven revenue collectors, namely Alfusainey Colley, Assan Jassey, Binta Fatty, Buba Jabang, Famara Sanyang, Kebba Jammeh, and Momodou Lamin Saidykhan, have been found to have intentionally suppressed Council’s revenue during August and September 2023.

“For instance, Alfusainey Colley claimed to have collected D44,000.00 during the period August 31st – September 6th, 2023, but Council’s ECO Bank Account Statement showed a deposit of only D14,000.00. Similarly, Assan Jassey stated that he collected D300,000.00 but the same bank statement indicated no deposit,” the Committee’s report added.

Consequently, the Council resolved that these findings warrant a thorough investigation into the alleged misconduct which has led to the suspension of the alleged implicated staff members, and aims to tackle corruption within its ranks and ensure a fair examination of the accusations.