Brikama Area Council Promises to Collect Wellingara Garbage


By Fatoumatta K jallow Modou Jonga, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Brikama Area Coucil has said that the council will do its best to collect the Street blocked by uncollected garbagegarbage from the vicinity of the schools and market at Wellingara. He made this promise at his office on Monday, 1 September, 2015. He expressed his opposition to the dumping of waste at the site. “We are totally against illegal waste disposal, especially in places like Wellingara because it will affect the conducive learning environment for the children in their respective schools,” he said. He added that the council has cleared the place on numerous occasions. He emphasised that the place is not a dumpsite so the stakeholders must help the council to make sure that the community will not dump their rubbish there. He denied that the garbage has been uncollected for up to two months and that the council received any letter from the respective schools, either the primary or the nursery. He opined that garbage dump has not emanated from the activities of the market. “Those wastes are household wastes,” he asserted. He called for the cooperation of all and sundry in dealing with the garbage. “We believe that the community and all the relevant stakeholders should take a lead role to help the area council to make sure that the waste is not dumped at that site because it is not identified as such, so anyone who dumps waste there is doing so based on his or her desire, not the instruction of the council,” he said. He pointed out that the council has cleared that place in numerous occasions.    ]]>