How are children as young as 10 dragged to become suicide bombers? Do they even know what is put around their waist? Are they hypnotised or drugged before being set loose to cause death and destruction? Which type of society and system nurtures minds which could justify the murder of children and innocent stand byers in the name of religion? Where the Boko Haram fighters are based speak volumes. The Chadian forces, in collaboration with forces from Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon, have found the bases of Boko Haram in the remotest part of these countries where the state is least present in terms of social services. Once those bases are destroyed, Boko Haram would have lesser capacities to kill and maim innocent persons. Hence, the real solution is to make education free, accessible and compulsory so that all citizens would have the same education on the values of citizenship and further provide all necessary social services, jobs and high farm incomes to enable each to live reasonably well. This would increase national pride and cohesion.]]>