By Sulayman Bah One of the three candidates vying for the Gambia Football Buba BojangFederation presidency, Buba Bojang, was not forthcoming in his answer regarding the widespread talk that either him or his co-contestant, Omar Danso, are considering a withdrawal from the race. Sources close to the two candidates have intimated that either Danso from Serrekunda Central or Bojang from Brikama will bow out to give chance to the other in order to better face the third contestant, Lamin Kabba Bajo of KGI in the contest. It is feared that if both Danso and Bojang, who are believed to be from the same camp, were to contest in the race, it would split their votes and thus diminish the chance of either of them coming out victorious. This is said to be what prompted the talks for the two to reach a compromise that would lead the other to back out. An insider claims that negotiations are at an advanced stage between the two and that they could reach a conclusion today. Contacted to sound his reaction, Bojang, who this week held a joint press conference with co- contestant Danso, was not specific in his answers. “Everything will be clear on Friday,” he told Foroyaa Sport. Danso and Buba will today formalize the launching of a joint Manifesto.]]>