BJL Sports Committee to penalize ‘teams pouring substances’


By Sulayman Bah The Banjul Sports Committee has vowed to impose penalties on Banjul Unitedteams that pour water and other substances when performing rituals in the pitch, Foroyaa Sport can reveal. The move is being taken not as the result of fear of ‘Njiri’ or black magic but to avoid ‘time-wasting, according to the Committee. Black magic was said to have triggered the discontinuance of a game amid clashes last year, forcing the Committee to take a tough stance ahead of the start of the Nawettan qualifiers this time, vowing to slap fines on any team or player that commits the act. The Committee dispatched a release copied to relevant entities and affiliate Nawettan teams in clear language warning of possible sanctions and condemning celebrations on the field perimeter fence, rituals and urinating, among other prohibitions. Part of the BJL communique reads : “NO IRON STUDS, CHEWING GUM OR DIGGING ON THE ARTIFICIAL TURF; • NO URINATING IN THE PLAYING GROUND; • NO CELEBRATION ON THE PERIMETER FENCE BY PLAYERS OR SUPPORTERS; • NO PRAYING, RITUALS OR OTHERWISE IN THE GOAL POST OR INSIDE THE 18 (PENALTY) METERS AREA (TEAMS WILL BE FINE FOR DOING SO); • NO POURING OF SUBSTANCES INSIDE THE FIELD AND WHEN ENTERING THE FIELD (TEAMS WILL BE FINE FOR DOING SO); • PLAYERS WHO HAVE COMPETED IN THE 2014 NAWETAAN MUST HAVE A TRANSFER TO PLAY IN THE QUALIFIERS.” While not specifying the exact penalties awaiting individuals flouting the rules, the Committee’s Ebou Faye told Foroyaa Sport “this is not to stop Njiri because that has to do with psychology, you cannot stop that. We did this to stop time wasting. We have also made our position clear. On the issue of penalties, that varies. It depends on the situations and circumstances.” Five substitutions will be allowed with matches to go into penalties after a draw and nine reserved players and five officials to be on the bench, the rule continues.]]>