“Beaten” man taken to Court


By Kebba Jeffang Sheikh Cham, a young man living in Kombo Lamin, who alleges that he was beaten by his captors was taken to court by police prosecutors on Saturday, June 6.Sheikh Cham No charge was read when he appeared before the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court and the presiding magistrate Mr Bojang directed that he be brought back to court today, Monday, June 8. The prosecutors then whisked him to Kairaba Police Station where he was detained over the weekend. The prosecutor had urged the court to adjourn the matter till Monday, 8th June, 2015 to enable him to consult the laws governing the bail condition and the charge sheet for the particulars of offence. The matter was not mentioned and the magistrate did not proceed with the case, pointing out that he was not with the Constitution that explains the bail condition of such cases as well as the Charge sheet. He deferred the matter to Monday so that he can furnish his mind before making decisions. The prosecuting officer Mr Jawla directed that Sheikh Cham be detained at the charge office in Banjul till Monday, arguing that the bail was no longer valid. However Mr Cham was eventually detained at Kairaba police station. It could be recalled that Sheikh Cham, a staff of Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation has claimed that he was arrested, beaten and detained in March, 3015 when he was seeing off a visiting friend. After his detention for 24hrs at Wellingara police station he was granted bail. He was on bail all the while until he was taken to Kanifing Magistrates’ court on Saturday.  ]]>