The people want good food to fill their stomachs, decent living quarters, access to quality education that they can afford for their children, access to reliable and affordable health service of high quality. The youth are desperately looking for jobs. The farmers and gardeners, who are right there on their land and need not “go back to the land”, men and women who are engaged in back breaking toil from dawn till dusk every day, are asking for good seeds, fertiliser, food preservation schemes, markets for their vegetables, irrigation schemes and all sorts of technical and financial support. Have they got them? Where is the prosperity? These are the concerns of the people. This is what should be debated. The liberty of the people is at stake. People are in a state of fear; fear of being detained or disappearing as they see happening. Family members and friends have realised that two researchers, Mr Seth Yaw Kandeh, a Ghanaian, and Mr Olufemi Titus, a Nigerian have been in detention at the NIA for 35 days contrary to the requirement of the Constitution that they should either be released or brought before a court within 72 hours. The same applies to former finance minister, Mr Mambury Njie, who has been in NIA custody for 61 days; former Gamcel human resource manager, Mr Seedy Jaiteh, is at Mile Two Prison for 104 days; Lt Colonel Solo Bojang is at the NIA for 210 days; former protocol officer at state house, Mr Momodou Sowe, is at Mile Two Prison for two years; Abu Drammeh whose relatives say is mentally ill, happens to find himself at Mile Two instead of a mental hospital. We can go on and on. The government should show respect for the Constitution and the rule of law. The president has sworn to preserve and defend the constitution but the facts speak for themselves. These are the issues of the day. These are the concerns of the people.]]>