Bassirou Diomaye Faye declares assets


By Biran Gaye

[Dakar, 22nd March, 2024]

Bassirou Diomaye Faye, designated candidate of the ex-Pastef Party, Friday made a declaration of assets as required by the electoral laws of Senegal, few days before the March 24 presidential election.

A press release issued by his coalition says Diomaye owns an undeveloped land with a lease of cumulative value of 48,350,000 CFA francs.

However, details relating to his built real estate have not been published, with the former pastef secretary general explaining, “Time has not allowed me to evaluate it exhaustively, as required by the expertise necessary for this statement,” according to the release.

It adds that the Diomaye President candidate also owns two vehicles valued at 25,500,000 CFA francs as well as bank account of 4,062,828 CFA francs divided between his accounts at UBA and BICIS.

In terms of financial liabilities, the dispatch indicated that the candidate acknowledged a debt of 48 million CFA francs, including “a loan from a friend for the field”