Friday, November 26, 2021

Basse Regional Chairperson Vows To Transform Council


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By: Kebba AF Touray

The newly elected Chairperson for Basse Area Council Foday Danjo, has pledged to transform the Regional Council and uplift the livelihood of the people of URR. Danjo made this renewed mission during his swearing in ceremony held at Basse on Thursday May 15th. The event has also witnessed the swearing in of fourteen elected Councillors, who are charged with the responsibility of developing the region in the interest of the people.

During his inaugural statement, Chairman Danjo stated that Basse Area Council belongs to all the people of URR and as such, he has vowed to execute his duties regardless of any background.

“We need to put all hands on deck in order to realize our goals and objectives. Over the years, the revenue of Council, which belongs to taxpayers, has not been properly managed. I challenge myself and all the elected Councillors, to relegate this situation in the dustbin of history, by making sure that the 60% of taxpayers revenue, is ploughed back to them,” said Chairman Danjo.

He further said they will develop a five year Strategic Development Work Plan with sound financial policies, to ensure good governance and a proper and effective management of Council’s revenue, in order to provide the services needed by the people; that the work plan will help them gauge their success and weakness and devise means of improving on their weak areas.

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He expressed the hope that with his competent Councillors, the dream can be realized and the mismanagement and bad governance in the Council can become history. He urged the Governor’s Office, Interim Committee, Village Development Committees among other key partners, to collaborate with him and his Councillors, to push the developmental aspirations of Basse Area Council.

He added that youth and women will be given high priority during his tenure, noting that they are key development partners in the development of the Council and the Region.

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