Basic Cycle School in URR Benefit From Furniture, Cash Donation


By Lamin Fatty

‘Dingiring’ Basic Cycle School in Tumanna District in URR through their village diaspora Association’s representative, have benefitted from furniture and cash donated by Catalonian philanthropists.

The Village’s diaspora Association representative Kissima Sillah, said the donation came in the wake of concerns raised regarding the situation of the School during one of their visits. Sillah who said this during the presentation of the furniture and cash to the School authorities held at School grounds on Thursday 6th February 2020, said the sitting arrangements and classroom capacity for pupils were in a sorry state during their visit.

“More than 50 pupils could be seen having their lessons outside as they sit on mats in the open air. Some brought their own chairs from their homes which they also return by carrying them on their heads, when they close,’’ he said; that upon his return to Spain, he lobbied for the School to have something in order to ameliorate the situation of students at the School; that with the help of ‘Jagostra Solidaria’ Foundation in Catalonia, they were able to present some furniture and a modest cash amount to start the construction of a three classroom block. Sillah further indicated that the village health centre which is presently under construction, is also funded by the said Foundation.

On his part, the Principal Education Officer for Region 6 Janko Jawneh, called on parents to send their children to School and to allow them complete their basic education. Jawneh said children have rights to education and therefore all parents should send their children to School.

Abou Sumareh, the VDC Chairperson and Aja Hawa Jarra, the president of the village Mothers’ Club, all thanked the donors for a job well done. They advised parents to send their children to School and to further allow them complete their basic education in order to move on to the next level.