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Barrow’s NPP to Sustain 2016 Legacy


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By Makutu Manneh

President Adama Barrow said his National People’s Party is the outcome of the commitment to sustain the change in 2016 presidential run off, which saw him emerged triumph.

President Barrow, then newcomer in the political scene of The Gambia, was the standard bearer of a coalition that defeated former president Yahya Jammeh, who is now in exile.

Barrow said this on Saturday 30th January 2021 during the launching of his NPP at the Independent Stadium.

“NPP is the outcome of the commitment to sustain the change that was brought in 2016 and the public outcry for freedom, justice, peace, progress and dignity as well as for fundamental rights and liberty,” he said.

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The Independent Electoral Commission announced the registration of Barrow’s NPP on Tuesday 31st December, 2019.

Barrow said he accepted to form NPP to provide a platform for them to collectively fight social divisions, political clashes and institutional failures, saying the aforementioned situations have persistently undermined the peace, stability, progress and development of The Gambia.

He further said his party is devoted to creating, expanding and sustaining space for popular participation in development.

“My view is that political maturity is demonstrated through the exercise of our right without infringing upon the rights and freedoms of others,” President Barrow said.

Barrow said political maturity is how one selfishly contributes to development and refrain from undermining the progress and development of the nation.

President Barrow said NPP represents the present and future and that the party is here for all Gambians within the framework of a new political consciousness and new direction. Thus, to guide the party, he said a comprehensive manifesto has been developed.

NPP head said the manifesto is the result of in-depth search for opinions and possibilities that can bring about meaningful change in the country.

“Our party’s vision is to build a nation we can proudly call home,” he said.

Janiaba Barrow, a resident of New Jeshwang, said she is happy to join the launching of the NPP.

“Barrow is doing a lot for the women, but I will still want him to consider the county’s women more,” she said.

Madam Barrow urged President Barrow to empower women and youths since a country cannot go without these two. She expressed confidence that Barrow will win the 2021 election while urging women and youths to join the party.

Meanwhile, the launching saw a crowd dominated by women dressed in their African attires. And many of the people at the launching expressed confidence that their party will win the election on 4th December 2021.

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