By Sulayman Bah Bassirou Barjoe has described the election of a new executive at the congress organized by the Bassirou is BYSA’s presidentBrikama Youth and Sports Normalisation Committee last Sunday as “cooked up.” The election also saw Karalang Jatta replacing Bassirou Barjoe in the presidency and the changing of the name of Brikama Youth and Sports Association (BYSA) to Brikama Sports Committee (BSC). Last week’s polls, it was hoped, would have brought to an end the protracted saga engulfing Brikama sports, which started since March this year. However, it now appears that tension is brewing with Barjoe, whose executive was disbanded, and his camp refusing to recognise the new leadership. The build-up to last week’s event had been so charged that there were reports that separate congresses were to be held by the contending factions in Brikama. Talking for the first time on the recent concluded elections, Barjoe told Foroyaa Sport yesterday that: “It was just a cooked up congress to satisfy some people. We cannot accept it. The teams own the Brikama Youth and Sports Committee. You cannot go behind them and hand picked who should attend the congress. We’re not calling for congress for now but protesting.” According to erstwhile BYSA president, his camp is considering meeting with the Youth and Sports Minister, Alieu K Jammeh, to lay bare to him the ongoing saga. “We, stakeholders, are seeking for an audience with the honorable minister to lay down all what has happened in a bid to ensure the problem is corrected. I’m personally not interested in any position. What we’re interested in is to end the injustice and make sure if we are taking part in an election, the constitution is respected. According to the National Sports Act, where a committee has been appointed as a result of may be A,B or C, the new committee in place has to take certain steps and the constitution of that association must be used,” said Barjoe. Dwelling further on the issue, ‘Bas’ claims that a section of individuals were invited to last weekend’s elections as covered up – in his own words, “to legitimize the congress”. “The past four years I have been in BYSA, commissioners don’t come to our congress. People are very sad about it. A letter has been written to the minister and we are expecting a reply and possibly this week we will meet him,” he concluded. The new Brikama Sports Committee is yet to react to Barjoe’s comment.]]>