Banjulunding Women Gardeners Appeal For Adequate Water Supply, Fence 


By Sariba Manneh / Fatoumatta Conteh

The Banjullinding Women Gardeners in an interview with this medium on Wednesday 15th February 2023, appealed to the government of the day, NGOs and UN Agencies, to provide them with more water supply and proper fencing for their garden. The women gardeners said they do not have enough seeds to grow more vegetables and lack pesticides to protect their crops.

These challenges were revealed to these reporters who visited the garden and spoke to the women about the problems affecting them in their garden.

According to the women gardeners, lack of adequate water supply hinders their work as their vegetable crops need water to grow. They explained that the crops need adequate water in order not to wilt and dry out and also pesticides to protect the crops from pest infestation.

Regarding other farm implements, the gardeners explained that they do not have adequate garden tools because the meager income they earn cannot purchase them such.

Marima Carama, one of the gardeners explained that they have a big garden but due to the water problems, they can only use a small portion at the moment.

“Due to the lack of proper fencing, stray animals enter our garden and destroy our crops,” she said. The garden according to her, has been in use for many years now and the women grow different kinds of vegetables to serve various markets across the greater Banjul Area. However, she complained about the lack of adequate market outlets and storage facilities which often leads them to sell their produce at giveaway prices to prevent them from rot. She emphasised her appeal on the need for proper fencing of their garden in order to prevent animals from destroying their hard struggle to make ends meet.