Banjul City Council Calls for Urgent Remedy of City’s Ring Canal


By Nelson Manneh

The Banjul City Council said on Monday the ‘main ring canal of the city’ is not functioning,  and this is affecting some parts of the city.

Below is the full text of the press release issued by the council:


It has been brought to the attention of the City Council that the Main Ring Canal is not functioning and has affected some areas of the City, which has resulted to stagnant water all over especially at Tobacco Road.

The City Council especially the Office of the Mayor is aware of the health risk and very much worried of the consequences that the stagnant water can cause. 

As the situation is appealing and needs urgent attention the City Council has contacted the relevant authorities, and urges them to contact the contractor responsible Gai Construction Enterprise to remedy the situation.  

 In the service of the community, we will continue to remain.”

Sources told Foroyaa that it also affects Imam Omar Sowe Street in Banjul Central. It is a developing story and we are following it.