Mustapha Jallow Taxi drivers, who ply the Bambo-Sanchaba route in the Kanifing Municipality, are streets drivers are asked to usecomplaining about the decision preventing them to use the main highway and being forced to take a ‘backway’ route which is causing them economic losses and affecting their vehicles.They claimed that the decision emanated from the Gambia National Transport Control Association (GNTCA) and is being enforced by the traffic police. Katim Drammeh, ‘chef de garage’ or head of the SOS car park, said this new route which they are forced to take is causing them serious problems especially during the rainy season. “This ‘backway’ route is not a tar road and is full of potholes and stagnant water which often cause breakdown of our vehicles,” said Mr. Drammeh. He said they are appealing to the authorities to intervene and reverse the decision as it is affecting them and their customers in the Sanchaba area. Lamin Dampha, a taxi driver, explained that since they are the only car park that asks passengers to pay D5 as fare, this new diversion of the route is causing them economic losses as they consume more fuel and do more repairs because of the bad condition of the route. “We are not the only ones being affected by the change of route. The passengers are equally affected and also complaining,” said Dampha. He said they regularly pay their taxes to government as well as dues to the association and as such deserve fair treatment and to be allowed to work and earn decent income to sustain themselves and their families. Foroyaa will contact the transport association and the traffic police to get their version on the issue.]]>