Thursday, May 19, 2022

Balla Gaye’s disciple set to wrestle in Gambia


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By Sulayman Bah A Balla Gaye II disciple is due to wrestle in Gambia this May, Foroyaa Balla Gaye II    Baye MandiayeSport can reveal. Baye Mandiaye from Ecole de Balla Gaye in Senegal is set to face Gambian wrestler Rambo of club Bakau Gomsabopa at the Independence Stadium. This will be the third time the Balla Gaye disciple will be tussling it out in Banjul against a Gambian opponent. His last bout was a victory over Jabang-based Boy Balla, a day before the banning of ‘Borreh Dorr’ by the Sports Council. The fight is being promoted by promotion brand Champions Sound who is said to have good rapport with the former Senegalese king of the arena. May 30th is the chosen date for the contest. Both wrestlers are unbeaten in all their combats held at the stadium.]]>

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