By Sulayman Bah Bakau Super Nawettan team coach Sainey Sanyang has offered his Bakau Super Nawettanapology for his touch-line altercation with a fan during his side’s 2-0 victory over rivals Brikama. Sanyang was involved in a bizarre incident when he excitedly raced down to the opposing team’s area in jubilation when his side registered a second goal. His action provoked a furious reaction, prompting a fan of the other team to go at him. The Bakau tactician reacted by shoving the fan. However, in a match he described as ‘biggest achievement in my life’, Sainey has apologized over the incident in a post-match comment. “I apologise for my behaviour. He (the fan) pushed me. I made a mistake,” he told reporters. Shifting focus on Bakau’s heroics following The Beach Boys’ emphatic win that stretched table-topping Brikama’s away defeats to two in a row and earned them automatic qualification to the quarter-finals as second-placed on seven points, Sainey, a police officer, continued: ‘I think this is my biggest achievement in my life. My boys were determined and professional. I dedicate this special win to my fans. We taught them (Brikama) a big lesson. I made a major re-shuffling to my team. For some of them, this was their first game. We had a late preparation. This is a signal to other teams that we are coming. Brikama won three of their group matches in a row at home at the Boxbar stadium but fell short of picking any point in their remaining two other fixtures. Disappointed by this poor showing, the angry Brikama fans pushed their way into the place that the Brikama gaffer was having a post-match interview with the press and blaming his team for being performers only at home. Alieu John Ndure had to be led away in the end.]]>