Bah Commission Chairperson Threatens to Imprison Witness for Perjury


By Makutu Manneh

Jainaba Bah, the Chairperson of the Local Government Commission of Inquiry, has threatened to send a witness to Mile 2 prisons if he continues to mislead the Commission in his testimonies.

Chairperson Bah made this threat to Lamin Jassey, the former Finance Director of Janjanbureh Area Council (JAC) and currently the Finance Director of Basse Area Council who was testifying before the Commission. He worked as a former Internal Auditor and later on as finance director of the said Council.

Chairperson Bah made the comment to Jassey when she gave him JAC’s Trust Bank account for him to look at the months when staff were paid or not paid their salaries, and the witness referred to different months and dates, after which the document was taken back from him and returned to the Chairperson.

“Are you misleading the Commission? I will send you to Mile 2 if you mislead the Commission. You think we are sitting here to joke. So what you are telling this Commission is misleading and wrong because you were saying things that were not in this statement,”

Chairperson Bah told the witness, adding that as someone who is experienced in Finance, he was looking at a financial statement and seeing the dates but was still unsure. She pointed out to Jassey that the next time he misleads the Commission he will go straight to Mile 2 prisons.

Witness Jassey apologised to Chairperson Bah adding that he was not misleading the Commission.