Bah Commission: Borehole Driller Seedou Bah Testifies 


By Nelson Manneh 

Mr SEEDOU BAH, a resident of Sare Musa, Jarra West Constituency, Lower River Region (LRR) and an Electrical Technician, yesterday testified before the ongoing Local Government Commission of Inquiry.  

The witness said his company is called Seedou’s Water and Electrical Enterprise, which was registered in 2014.

He testified that he had four contracts with the Mansakonko Area Council. They were all in relation to the drilling of boreholes in Kiang Mandina – 2020, Darussalam – 2020, JarraJabisa – 2022 and Kiang Tabayel – 2022. The witness Seedou Bah said all the projects were completed and handed over to the Mansakonko Area Council. He provided copies of those contracts to the Commission and they were all admitted into the records of the Commission as exhibits.

The written statement of the witness dated 17th October 2023 was tendered through him and admitted into the record of the Commission. It was marked as an exhibit. Attached to the statement were his business registration certificate, a copy of the contract he had with the Area Council dated 5 January 2022 a copy of the GPPA registration certificate, and other documents.

The witness said the contract for the Mandina contract was D333,050. He explained that he came to know about the contract through an advertisement over the radio, resulting in his application. He said he went on a site visit with the Director of Planning. He added that the Area Council made an advanced payment of D200,000 and the remaining D133,050 was paid after completion.

The witness said he was not deducted the withholding tax; adding that he only came to know about it recently after attending one of GPPA’s training.  

The cost of the Darussalam borehole project was D450,000, for Jabisa the cost was D650,000 and the Tabayel borehole project also cost D650,000.

The witness said the price is determined by what they request or the specifications.

A copy of the invoice for the drilling of the borehole in Darussalam was tendered and marked as an exhibit. It was marked as an exhibit. The witness said he was able to conclude all the projects. He added that he gave a warranty of one (1) year.

The witness said the people did not give him the complaint of the problems. He said he also constructed the borehole at the Mansankonko Area Council Conference Center housing the guest houses to the tune of D319,400.

He said the Area Council did not request for a performance guarantee from him and after completing the projects he was not issued with a certificate of completion.