BAC’s Senior Revenue Collector Admits Misusing Over D56,000


By Makutu Manneh 

Mr Foday Krubally, a Senior Revenue Collector at the Brikama Area Council, on Tuesday, 26th March, 2024 admitted before the Local Government Commission of Inquiry on Area Councils and Municipalities that he misused over D56,000 (Fifty-Six thousand Dalasi)

Amongst his responsibilities is to collect revenue from valued properties, and in 2018, he was posted in Kerr Sering and he was responsible for collecting revenue from valued properties. He explained that when he collects revenue, he deposits it in the accounts of the Brikama Area Council in any of the following banks – GT Bank, Trust Bank or EcoBank.

The witness said his 2018 cash book was given to the Internal Audit Unit for auditing, but he still cannot have access to it. He added that this happened in 2020 and it was given to Lamin Drammeh. The witness provided his cash book covering the periods from 2020 to 2024 respectively.  

The witness was asked about the Forty-One Thousand Dalasi (D41,000) he collected without depositing it in the accounts of the Brikama Area Council. The witness admitted and agreed with the audit finding against him.

“It is difficult to be honest towards money. I know I have collected and definitely I have misused it,” the witness said.

Mr Krubally testified that he had repaid the money after the audit query. On how he paid the money, the witness said he took a loan from the Credit Union and paid the money while the Credit Union is recovering the money from his monthly salary.

The witness was asked about another audit query of Twenty-One Thousand Dalasi (D21,000), which was not deposited. The witness said the amount was Fifteen Thousand Dalasi (D15,000) instead of D21,000 as claimed by the auditors. He testified that he did not still pay the money. 

“I don’t pay that yet, but I will pay it,” the witness said.

“When?” Counsel Gomez asked.

“Very soon,” the witness said.

“What is very soon to you?” Gomez asked again.

“I will pay very soon,” the witness said.

At this juncture, Commission Chairperson, Jainaba Bah interjected and made an order for the witness to pay the money by depositing it in the account of the Brikama Area Council on or before Thursday, 28 March, 2024 and provide the evidence to the Council.

The witness admitted that he does not go for weekly reconciliation at the Internal Audit Unit of the Council. 

“Why was that the case?” Lead Counsel Patrick Gomez asked.

“Sometimes you have the money and problems come your way, and you use the money,” the witness said.

 He was taken through the lodgment roll (register) of revenue collectors that indicated the collectors who absent themselves from weekly reconciliation. Counsel Gomez informed the witness of the dates and amounts he collected. The witness admitted and said he collected those amounts, but he did not deposit them.

“There are so many days that you failed to go to the Internal Audit Unit for submission,” Counsel Gomez told the witness.

“How easy is it to collect revenue and use it on your personal affairs?” Counsel Gomez quizzed. 

“I use the money without telling anyone. I used to blame myself for that. I should make sure I rectify myself,” the witness said,

He will reappear to be examined in his own cash book to account for the collections he made.

The written statement of the witness was tendered and admitted in evidence. Earlier, the witness said he began working for the Brikama Area Council in 2005 as a revenue collector, but before that he worked at the Kuntaur Area Council from 1994 to 1995. 

Sittings continue.