Author to Launch 35th Book


By Assan Bah

Dr Seedy  Drammeh,a renowned author who works at the Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) as a Deputy Director of Human Resources is set to launch his thirty-fifth (35th) book titled; Memoir of the Beautiful Lifestyle in Rural Gambia.

Dr Drammeh, a Jarra Sikunda born, said he has so far published thirty-four (34) books and the Memoir of the Beautiful Lifestyle in Rural Gambia will make it thirty-five (35) books.

Out of the several books that he has written, eleven (11) of them were approved by the curriculum, Research, Evaluation and Development Directorate in May, 2022 to be used as supplementary materials to Senior Secondary Schools and other higher learning institutions.

Drammeh, who had been previously awarded several times by his mentees and other associations for his role in developing and assisting young writers, said he was not only inspired because he is from rural Gambia but because of the continued beautiful lifestyle in rural Gambia.

“I write the Memoir of the Beautiful Lifestyle in Rural Gambia to explain the continued schooling of moral standards to the rural child. Another beautiful thing that I found out is the sharing and caring, to the extent that people find it very comfortable to wake each other up early in the morning to sit and eat together. People move from one compound to another to greet each other any day or night without restriction and the opportunity to get access to the flora and fauna. Rural Gambia is the hub for culture and tradition, and people are always happy to welcome visitors amongst others.

An experienced writer who has authored over 30 books, said he has partnered and worked with several other young writers and has always advised them to live up to the challenge as he said writing goes with un-countless challenges. “I keep telling the young writers that the journey is not easy and will never be easy but that should not be a threat. They should get the focus, determination and self-inspiration that they had to live a legacy.”

He however, said some of their major challenges as writers in this country is that the reading culture is low and as a result they make little sales of books. 

Drammeh, who was also awarded by the Office of the President for participating in reviewing the country’s National Security Strategy and Security Sector Reform Strategy and the Young Writers Association in the Kunta – Kinteh International Book Festival, called on people who value; writing, reading, and achievements registered by others to attend his book launch on the first Saturday of January,2024.