Attorney for O’ Corporation Company Testifies In Tina Faal’s Trial


By Mamadou Dem

Barrister Omar Momodou Musa Njie, the legal counsel for O’ Corporation Ltd of Ireland, testified yesterday, 25th of August, TINA FAAL2016 as the second prosecution witness (PW2) in the ongoing criminal trial involving Tina Faal, erstwhile nominated member of the National Assembly.

 Giving his evidence in-chief, Mr. Njie told the court that he lives in Kerr Serigne and that he is a legal practitioner and that he knows the accused person.

 “Do you at any time wrote a letter to the Director General of Gambia Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and copied it to the Inspector General of Police (IGP)?” asked police prosecutor Inspector Sarja Sanyang.

 However, before the witness responded to the question, attorney for the accused, Combeh Gaye, interjected and urged the court to dismiss the question as it was leading. This prompted the police prosecutor to reframe the question.

 PW2 testified that he knew O’ Corporation Company Ltd of Ireland as he is one of their legal counsels in The Gambia, adding that the said company bought an Aircraft from The Gambia which, he said, is stationed at the Banjul International Airport and that the name of the aircraft belonging to his client is “BOEING” but was not sure of the number and therefore he did not disclose it to the court.

 “In August 2014, I received information that certain parts were removed from the Aircraft by some individuals. Having got that information, I wrote a letter to the Director General of Gambia Civil Aviation Authority, copied to the Sheriff of the High Court and the Police to investigate the matter,” said lawyer Njie.

 At this juncture, the prosecution showed him the letter and he confirmed that it was the letter he was referring to. Consequently, it was admitted into evidence as exhibit without objection from the defence.

 Barrister Njie informed the court that investigations were indeed carried out by the police, adding that he was not an eyewitness to the removal of the spare parts but he came to know that an individual was arrested in connection with the incident.

 “Who is that individual?” asked police prosecutor Sanyang. “Tina Faal,” responded Pw2.

 Prosecutor asked, “Do you know how your client obtained that aircraft?” Njie answered, “The aircraft was bought at a sheriff’S auction at the high court.”

 At this point, Inspector Sanyang applied for an adjournment on health ground which was not objected to by the defence. Subsequently the matter was adjourned to 31st August for continuation.

 It could be recalled that Tina Faal, a former nominated National Assembly member, is standing trial on three counts of criminal offences namely Conspiracy, Obtaining goods by false pretence and Theft contrary to the laws of the Gambia. She denied any wrong doing and was released on bail prior to her re-arrest and subsequent release.