Association Donates Hospital Equipment to Yorobawol Health Centre


By Lamin Fatty

Yorobawol Health Centre has once again received hospital equipment from True Friends Association of Nyakoi Sutukonding.

The presentation was held at the Sutukonding Bantaba in Wulli West on Saturday 21st August 2021, during the official inauguration of the association. 

The equipment included dressing pads, cannulas, urine bags, catheters, ambubags, syringes, obduratorss, dressing creams, scalpel blades, blood and urine test tubes, infusion tubes, bandages, crutches, uniforms and two official chairs among others.

Siddia Jatta, National Assembly Member for Wulli West, who was the guest speaker, presented the medical items on behalf of the aforesaid association to the officer in charge at Yorobawol Health Centre. 

The veteran politician said the gesture was a good sign for the future of this country.

He said: “The activities of the youth association among others have shown that this country has a bright future and the future of the Gambia will continue to light like a candle, hence the future leaders of tomorrow are ready to be in charge of their own destiny. Because what this youth association committed themselves to, is not an easy task.”

 He said the poor young men and women relying on nothing but their little knowledge and strength to support their people at least once a year through education, health and agriculture for development.

Musa Keita, the secretary general of association, said their association was formed in the “ghetto” by the current members at their childhood stage.

He said it was later upgraded to an association on the 4th December 2016 with the sole aim and objective of supporting each other in terms of difficult moments and to give back to their communities through supporting in the areas of education, health, agriculture and vocational skill training to alleviate poverty in their society.

Keita also highlighted some of their achievements as an association.

Keita added: “The presentation of medical equipment would mark as our second give back project to this particular health centre, following the first donation on 11th January 2020, [which is] geared towards achieving one of our goals which is to provide support in ensuring there is good healthcare delivery to our people. This association has established a poultry farm at Sutukonding since 2018 where we have raised and sold two badges of poultry chicken to boost nutritional status of our communities.”

He added they have donated school materials to Nyakoi Lower Basic, Upper and Senior Secondary Schools in October 2019 and January 2021, which is geared towards achieving their goal of improving quality education for their people.

The officer in charge at Yorobawol Health Centre, Lamin Trawally, thanked the True Friends Association for the gesture. He assured the donors that the equipment would be put into good use. He also said the equipment would go a long way in helping the centre’s efforts for healthcare service delivery to people.