Aspiring Presidential Candidate Calls on Gambians to Vote out Barrow from State House


By Nelson Manneh

Professor Momodou Bah an aspiring Independent Candidate for the 2021 Presidential election has called on Gambians to vote out President Adama Barrow from State House.

Prof. Bah a native of Sincheu Baliya on Thursday 7th October 2021 declared his candidature to contest for the 4th December 2021 presidential election as an Independent Candidate.

“What Gambians were expecting from Barrow was to give us a better Gambia. If he had implemented the outcome of the commissions he has so far established, he would have been the choice of the people,” Bah told the press.

Professor Bah who has just begun his political journey, said he is the solution to the problems of this country. “I never planned to join the political arena, but I have a special sympathy for this country. My aspiration is not only to win the coming presidential election, but to make sure that Gambians live a better life and let there be rule of law.”

Bah said when voted in office, he will fix the transport system in the country. “I will buy about one thousand buses to ease transportation and they will be located all over the country.”

Professor Bah the author of the book ‘AN EYEWITNESS TO FREEDOM’, said he has knowledge to transform the Gambia in to a better country.

Momodou Bah (Momo) was born on 2nd November 1984 in The Gambia. He attended Sinchu Baliya Primary School, St. Peter’s Technical Junior School and Nusrat High School. He then moved to Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar Senegal where he obtained his Master II degree in African and Post-Colonial Studies.

Subsequently, he was admitted into the Senegalese Teacher Training Elite School and graduated with a Post-Master’s degree in the teaching of English. He has taught English at Lamin Gueye High School (Dakar), Mako High School (Kedougou), and recently Brindiago and Djibidione High Schools in Ziguinchor, Senegal. Momodou Bah speaks English, French, and four Senegambian languages.