Rumours about coup plot in social media were put to a halt when the spokesperson of the government issued a press release indicating arrests in connection to the coup plot.

During the past two days information continued to drip as names began to appear to give a face to the alleged plot. As we go to press the following names have been associated with the allegation, who are named in uniform:

Lance Corporal Sanna Fadera from the Gambia Navy as the alleged ring leader of the plot; Corporal Mbarra Touray from 1st Infantry Battalion, Yundum Barracks; Corporal Ebrahima Sanno from the Military Police who is currently on study leave and Sergeant Gibril Darboe from The Gambia Navy.  

The alleged soldiers involved in the plot either being pursued or on the run are: Corporal Njie B from the State Guards Battalion; Warrant Officer Class 2 Jadama from The Gambia Navy and one Badjie from The Gambia Navy.

The public is told that they are helping the military police in their investigations. The press release of the government spokesperson was followed by a press release from the office of the inspector general of police that Momodou Sabally has been arrested in connection to the coup plot. Foroyaa will continue its investigation on all those arrested in connection with the alleged coup plot.

At this moment of heightened national curiosity, extraordinary effort must be made to separate facts from fiction. We will take absolute precaution to ensure that the public is well fed with correct information.

There is need for us to emphasise that the nation like all African countries is faced with evils in politics that must be combated and defeated if we are to become examples in the world. The struggle to get to the helm of state through bloodshed or patronage is the two evils that the Gambian and African people must overcome. We must explore the third route that makes a country and people sovereign. It is only by empowering the sovereign people of the Gambia to elect leaders based on programmes designed to enhance their general wellbeing that creates a future of our people. We should be reminded that Ex-president Rawlings was among the inspired African soldiers who aimed through the barrel of the gun to liberate the Ghanaian people but he could never attain the greatness he sought because of blood he shed as he ascended the helm of state.

Any attempt to take power by force in the Gambia will be a bloody one. The contradictory forces in the country could only be contained under a democratic system when all will follow the party of their choice and seek mandate through the ballot box. If all turn to weapons there will be no Gambia or Gambian people. This is the verdict of reason and common sense and we must respect the verdict and live in peace or disrespect it and perish in a civil war.