The issue surrounding the arrest of Nene Freda Gomez is reported to be linked to a land dispute. Foroyaa was unable to communicate with Neneh Gomez while under arrest. The arrest was reportedly at a premises in Bijilo which is the subject of a court case between the government of The Gambia and GHOMM.

Foroyaa is informed that entry to the premises by Neneh Freda Gomez was followed by arrest by the security forces. She was taken to a police station and later released.

The state must become transparent in explaining and doing what is in line with the rule of law under the constitution of the republic and a democratic society. The litigants have the duty to apply and respond under the judicial system. When rights are awarded, there are due processes of enforcement under the judicial system. The courts have power to order the security forces to do its part. It is important to understand when seeming protest is being resorted to and enforcement powers of court decisions are either not sought or are withheld from having effect.

Clarification is still needed from both the security forces and Neneh Freda Gomez. It is the duty of media to report cases as they are and Foroyaa has done so in the case of the government and GHOMM.

Since some interested parties are still having difficulties with the law enforcers Foroyaa will focus on these difficulties, their causes, consequences and explore possible solutions.

Foroyaa will also speak to Yusef Taylor and Killa Ace to find out the cause of their arrest and what they sought to do before their arrest.