Are We Losing The Fight Against Covid-19 ?



The weapon developed when the fight started was a concerted effort to ensure hand washing, the use of sanitisers, maintenance of safe distance, use of face mask, immediate contact tracing  to avoid the spread of the illness  and  periodic fumigation of public places Foroyaa is aware of a workplace where traces of the virus have been found. During the earlier phase, contact tracing would have  been effected without hesitation  to screen workmates and family members.

Now it appears that there is no programme in place to make contact tracing a priority.

Needless to say, when the fight started, the Red Cross was at the forefront in facilitating the burial of Covid based deaths and in helping to fumigate workplaces and other public facilities.

The authorities should revisit the tactics in place and invite all stakeholders to give their recommendation. Otherwise, we will succeed in providing many technical facilities at the centre only to lose the fight at the grass roots.