Monday, May 23, 2022

Are there pollsters telling us how the people are likely to vote in 2021 in The Gambia?


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In the USA the polls tried to be as accurate as possible in collective representative samples of the population in the US to determine how the rest are likely to vote .

This is why many people were able to predict the outcome of the US Elections. In the Gambia results of elections are not predicted by taking representative samples among voters from an independent position, the media simply amplify the propaganda messages of party spokespersons who daily predict that their candidates would win elections.

The media should distinguish information from opinion. Information is what is used as raw material to form or give opinion. Opinion may be enlightened or misconstrued. Information constitutes the facts collected about a given person , event, phenomenon or thing. It is only information if it reflects the true state of what is being reported. If Gambians are to be serious in predicting elections, they must be serious in collecting adequate representative samples and rely on them to give opinions. If that is not done, the statements should be seen as mere propaganda.

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