Are The Regulations Being Explained And Implemented In A Uniform Manner?



The authorities should inform the Public what is in the regulations and why. When laws serve the public interest, the people would embrace them if they are properly explained. There are four regulations handed over to the members of the National Assembly.

Let us deal with the first one.

There is regulation called ”restrictions on open Markets and shopping areas emergency powers regulations , 2020;”

This regulation orders that only food items could be sold in markets and within 100 meters of a market. All sellers of non food items in markets and within 100 meters of markets are ordered to close down.

Stall s are supposed to be within 2 metres of each other. Only one customer is supposed to be served at each given time. Markets are supposed to open between 6am and 2 pm.

Beyond 100 metres, vendors could open their shops as long as they maintain the safe distance of two metres and allow no more than two customers at a time.

Foroyaa will proceed to assess the impact of the regulation and how it is administered.