Relatives of such detained persons have shouted their voices hoarse calling on the authorities to state the whereabouts of the detainees. The country has been promised a human rights commission but an Act to establish it has still not been promulgated.  There is no national institution families could turn to other than the courts. This goes with expenses which many poor families could not afford. In many countries human rights non-governmental organisations would raise funds for the legal fees of such detainees to enable their relatives to file cases for their release. In the Gambia many are afraid to be identified as sympathisers of insurgents. Any society where people are afraid to speak against injustice must sink into the abyss of impunity and oppression. Impunity could only be contained by naming and shaming the perpetrators. To detain any person in the Gambia for more than 72 hours without court appearance is unconstitutional and unlawful. It is a shame that deaf ear is still being paid by the authorities to this unlawful practice.]]>