Friday, December 3, 2021

Are The Officials Of The Government Committed To The Rule Of Law Or The Rule Of Might?


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Some Alkalolu and Women Councillors are beginning to lodge complaints on the termination of their mandate without any evidence of misconduct of any sort. The Women’s Act and the Local Government Act are very clear on the issue of lawful assumption of revocation of office.

Foroyaa has asked all those victimized by public officers to write to the office of the Ombudsman for redress after dialogue with either the Women’s Bureau in case of councillors or the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Lands and Regional Government in case of Alkalo.

Women’s groups and human rights organisations should be alert to their responsibilities. These are the cases they should follow, write petitions for them or even accompany them to court in defence of their rights. New Gambia will return to the old unless rights are protected against misrule, mis governance and impunity. 

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