Are political leaders teaching their members to respect the code of conduct of the inter party committee?



There are now 14 political parties in the Gambia. Many more are likely to come into being in 2020. What are they going to tell the Gambian people? Most of these political parties are enabled to come into being by the efforts of the Coalition builders in 2016.

A code of conduct has been agreed upon by the political parties that would facilitate peaceful co-existence of different political parties. It is significant for internal party democracy for political leaders to assist their members to internalize the content of the code of conduct. It is anticipated that the inter party committee will begin to assume its full role of oversight in ensuring that all party members operate in line with the code of conduct.

Behind the dark political cloud the golden sunlight of multi-party democracy is waiting to shine. Foroyaa will turn this golden sunlight into the energy of enlightenment to enable the people to know themselves, their country and the world. The battle for enlightenment will soon begin and no one will be left behind except those who wish to live in the past rather than shape the future.