Sunday, September 19, 2021

Are members of ‘Three Years Jotna’ speaking the same language?


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What Foroyaa has gathered from Abdou Njie is that ‘Three Years Jotna’ is neither in support nor under the control of any political party. However, of recent some prominent personalities who claim to be associated with the movement have come out strongly against certain political dispensation and for others. Since then, Abdou Njie has not issued any press release or conducted any press conference to clarify its position with regard to this after giving a petition to the state.

Foroyaa strongly advises Mr Njie to clear the air. Our readers want to know what the movement intends to do on 20th January 2020 since it has claimed to be a law abiding movement. It also should practice what it preaches and should not tell the population one thing only to do something else that is diametrically opposed to what it promises. It also should know it will be held accountable like Barrow.

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