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APRC Kanifing Bureau Burnt


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The main political bureau of the ruling Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC), situated at Kanifing South,Burnt APRC bureau in Kanifing South was allegedly set on fire by unknown mask men in  the early hours of Sunday, 14 August 2016.

According to a source, the alleged arsonists entered the bureau and tied up the security men who were on duty before setting the place on fire.

Visiting the place on Sunday afternoon, this reporter observed that the fire affected the upper floor of tone storey building with visible marks of smoke on the outside wall.

Some APRC National Assembly members were also seen on the ground, including Hon. Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the majority leader and NAM for Serelunda East, who described the situation as so unfortunate.

Hon Babou Gaye Sonko, a nominated NAM and APRC national youth mobilser, told this reporter that nothing has been established yet but that they are an organise party with a leader. He added until the facts are established, he cannot say anything to the press

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Mr. Saihou Sanyang, Administrative Secretary of APRC, was contacted through the phone regarding the incident, but he said he was not at the scene at the time and does not know what had exactly happened. He directed the reporter to the criminal investigation division (CID) of the police or the fire service for any information.

Speaking to the Police, ASP Lamin Njie through the phone told this reporter that he was coming from Bansang at the time and cannot hear clearly with the poor network but promise to call back when he reached home.

Efforts to contact the police PRO were not successful as his phone kept ringing repeatedly without an answer.

When Muhammed Drammeh, the PRO of the Gambia Fire Service and Rescue Services, was contacted, he confirmed that they extinguished the fire but added that he has to personally go to the scene to see what had happened there. He, however, promised to get back to this reporter after this visit.


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