Any Immediate Solution To The Bread Crisis?


Those who are producing a famous bread loaf among the working population domestically called ‘tapalapa’ are finding a reduced size and weight that make the bread as dry as rock. It appears the producers want to send a signal that price must be increased or the size and weight of bread will be reduced. The reduction makes the bread to lack nutritional value and makes it impossible for it fill hungry stomachs.

The morning of many workers is beginning to be one of hardship. Neither porridge nor bread is available. Porridges used to be a major diet for morning breakfast form many families in the urban area. However, the need to carry a container, buy sugar, sour milk and give each a spoon or calabash was too cumbersome compared to buying bread and butter or bread and ‘accara’ and so on.

Bread became very easy to take away in bags for workers. It therefore became a staple food for many Gambians not only for breakfast but for other meals.

The sooner the crisis is solved the better for the people. The need for bread of adequate quantity and quality is urgently felt.