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Alkalo of Barra Testifies on his victimization by witch-hunters


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By Yankuba Jallow

Alagie Babucarr Faye, the alkalo of Barra on Tuesday, 3rd December appeared before the TRRC to testify on his victimization by witch-hunters in 2009.

Appearing before the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC), Faye also recollected the victimization of his father by the same tormentors.

The 57 – year – old said he was called by his eldest brother Gibbi Faye who informed him about the coming of some Marabouts to Barra. He said his informant told him that their father was captured by the invaders.

The businessman said among those that went to arrest his late parent were Salifou Corr, Saikou Jallow and Solo Bojang all of whom were soldiers.

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Mr. Faye recalled that Gibbi called him again and told him that his father was taken to Banjul.

He said while he was on the telephone conversation with Gibbi, he heard people shouting and screaming and one of the ladies was saying “you are killing my father.”

According to Faye, he was told his father was abducted maliciously to surrender the alkaloship of Barra. He added that his late father drank the concoction twice. He added his late parent was released and he underwent treatment.

Mr. Faye told the Commission that as he was about to cross and take her mother to the Ferry, his telephone rang and Jaow the Officer Commanding Barra Police Station Jawo informed him that he was needed at the station.

He said the police station was surrounded by soldiers. He said when he went to the Police Station, the Station Officer called the soldiers and handed him over to them. He said Salifou Corr was the driver who transported him to Fort Bullen.

“I was sandwiched in the vehicle by soldiers and when we arrived at Fort Bullen, they cleaned the ‘ship house’ and locked me there. An armed soldier was standing outside to guard the ‘ship house’. It was very cold inside and I even begged the soldier to allow me sometime outside to enjoy the heat of the sun and he agreed,” the witness said.

He said former President Jammeh sent a marabout who told him that there was diamond in Fort Bullen. He said because of this, the former President denied everyone from accessing the place not knowing that the marabout was fooling him. He added that the marabout absconded when he heard of the news of the coming of an expert.

“The Marabout fooled him and ran away,” said the witness.

He said he was taken to Baba Jobe’s residence. He said he handed 1,200,000 CFA and D12, 000.00 to the Green boys and girls.

He said the Green Girls were the cooks because they were told abductees should eat before drinking the concoction. He said he was served food and before he finished eating, he was told it was his turn to drink the concoction and he abandoned the food.

He said he saw men in their 60s, 70s, and 80s standing on one leg. He remarked: “They were asked to walk and if anyone falls down, the witch-hunters will say the person is a wizard.”

The witness said he proceeded to the room and drank the concoction, adding that he was not intoxicated.

“When I came down, I thought I was jumping death bodies and I was shocked with what I saw,” the witness said.

According to him, those who drank the first concoction urinated on themselves while others vomited continuously.

“Do they look like abandoned corpses?” Lead Counsel Essa Faal quizzed.

In response, he said after drinking the concoction, some of them lay down.

On his condition after his release, he said he was admitted at Afrimed for 3 days. He testified that after his release, he was referred to MRC who also referred him to Dakar for further treatment. He told the Commission he spent 300,000 CFA in Senegal for his treatment. He said while he was in Dakar for treatment, he was told his heart has a problem. He told the Commission that he eventually went to America for further treatment and spent $10,000 for the first treatment, $4000 for the second and third treatment. He said the total money he spent on his treatment was $14,000.

“I took my father to Banjul more than 10 times, but he was eventually taken to America and was also diagnosed with a heart problem,” he said.

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